Affiliate Recon Review - Niche Research Treasure

Verifiable, Six-Figure Niches on a Silver Platter - Every Month!

And No - This is Not Just Another Keyword Research Service

Affiliate Recon Gets You the Research You Need for Your Highly Profitable Websites

Created by experienced affiliate marketer Chris Rempel, Affiliate Recon is an SEO keyword research company that can provide you and your company with niches, offers, products, and specific keywords that are buzzing in six figure markets right now.

With some of the most in-depth and up-to-date research around, their immense repository will point your SEO campaign and affiliate marketing in the right direction and let you know where to go from there.

Affiliate Recon provides you with truly profitable niche research and detailed reports in 6 figure markets (verifiable). That's because the research is done by affiliate-minded people who know the business inside and out.

You'll Be Impressed From the Start...

When you start your search on Affiliate Recon, you'll be impressed by the sheer size and depth of their Master Recon List, which includes profitable niches and subniches that are added to each month to make sure the information is as current as possible. This list will lead you to the Niche Opportunities and Market Intel Databases, which make your SEO research easier and more effective. Think of these amazingly detailed databases as your “Idea Launchpads.”

Niche Opportunities are Integrated with SEMRush™ to make Keyword Digging Literally Endless

From the Master Recon List, you simply dig search terms to pull up a list of profitable Niche Opportunities. Each of the items in the list will have a description with priceless information, plus a link to dig even further. By digging one of the results, you'll find a prioritized list of Primary Keywords, High Ratio Keywords, Key Products, Top Organic Keywords, and Key Websites. With each of these results, you can dig even further to get even more information, ideas, and strategies.

Niche Ops database

It's Like Digging Through an Endless Pot of Affiliate Gold

When you find keywords you intend to use in your campaign or those you just want to save for later just in case, you can add them to your Basket. This way, all of the information and ideas you glean from Affiliate Recon will be organized into one safe location. The basket will even sort them into topic categories for you and then organize them by type of information, such as Primary Keywords, Key Products, Key Websites, etc. This makes it easy for you to retrieve what you need later, and you can be sure you're starting in the right place with profitable markets.

Product keyword report

Get Priceless Analytics from Expert Market Intel

The information from the Market Intel Database will actually let you know which niches are profitable or not, so you'll know where there is money to be made and where not to waste your time. This priceless, ready-to-monetize data, is researched and analyzed from various sources including experienced marketers and analytics experts on the Affiliate Recon Team.

Profitable Product Suggestions and Product Phrase You'll Need to Promote It

If you dig far enough, the Market Intel Report will reveal the Top Recommended Product of your search, which includes a picture of the product, an in-depth description, their affiliate program website, monthly search traffic, and more. You'll also get a low-competition product phrase to start your campaign.

It even provides you with a Demographic Snapshot, giving you an accurate picture of the typical customer for that particular niche and product.

market intel report

This gives you all the information you need to make your pitch and start your campaign, including niche questions, forums, blogs, and a thorough Opportunity Summary which summarizes Google search engine results.

Affiliate Recon opportunity summary table

Don't Settle for Settle for Your Basic Keyword Research Service

With Affiliate Recon, you don't have to spend hours searching keywords and then searching the web to find out what those keywords bring up.

Instead, Affiliate Recon brings all the information into one place for you, prepping you for your SEO and affiliate marketing campaign with just one easy step instead of several time-consuming ones.

You'll save hours and weeks using this service, which in turn, saves you money. Most importantly though, it has the information you need to make a lot of money in 6 figure niche markets.

Hopefully, I'll see you on the other side.
Tom Henz.